Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Amsterdam

Cities, courts & elites

Within the University of Amsterdam a multitude of researchers concern themselves with different fields of medieval studies. In this research a collaboration is sought between the disciplines of archeology, medieval history, art history and literature, paleography and codicology as well as between different universities. The initiated research can be classified in seven different themes which can be subdivided in interdisciplinairy projects and individual researchers.

Cultural Memory and Identity in the Late Middle Ages

Cultural Memory and Identity in the Late Middle Ages: The Franciscans of Mt. Zion in Jerusalem and the Representation of the Holy Land (1333-1516).

Dorestat: Vicus Famosus

Odyssee project.

History of corruption

Project History of Corruption.

Political representation: communities, ideas and institutions in Europe
(c. 1200 - c. 1650)

This project aims to build up an international research network working on the development of political representation and representative institutions in late medieval Europe.

Published by  CMSA

18 September 2012